Active Stretch Tights - Black

Active Stretch Tights - Black
Kategorier: Varumärke, Arket
Brand: Arket
Color: Black
Size: S
590 SEK
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Part of the Active Apparel series offering fundamental gear for mindful movement, these tights are a base-layer with a tight fit for comfortable wear during physical activity. Developed to adapt to your practice of choice, they feature a minimalistic design with functional details such as a hidden drawstring for an optimal fit and a back pocket with zip that holds most normal-sized phones. Made from recycled polyester, the yarn has been created using the We aRe SpinDye® production method - which means that the dye pigments chosen for the final garment are added to the post-consumer material before it is melted, extruded and spun into a new filament. The result is a yarn that is already coloured, making it possible to skip the dyeing step that usually happens after the yarn has been created. This process is not only better for the planet, as it reduces the use of water and chemicals drastically; it is also better for you: this colouring method ensures a better colour fastness so the fabric has an improved resistance to fading over time.