ARKET and TRETORN Women's Rain Hat - Black

ARKET and TRETORN Women's Rain Hat - Black
Kategorier: Varumärke, Arket
Brand: Arket
Color: Black
Size: S/M
495 SEK
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Crafted from water-based PU and recycled materials, this hat is a functional accessory for rainy weather. It offers water-resistant properties and is styled with a chin strap and a wide, down-sloping brim that leads the rainwater away from your head. This water-resistant garment is developed in collaboration with Swedish rainwear experts TRETORN, pairing ARKET’s design aesthetics and functionality with industry-leading sustainable technology. Water-based polyurethane (WBPU) is a more sustainable alternative to the conventional oil-based material. Its excellent durability and water-resistant properties are achieved without the presence of Dimethylformamide (DMF)Made from plastic waste, such as used PET bottles, recycled-polyester yarn helps reduce waste products and lessens the use of oil-based raw materials Recycled cotton reuses available resources and requires considerably less water and energy than conventional cotton