Chunky Mudguard Leather Boots - Black

Chunky Mudguard Leather Boots - Black
Kategorier: Varumärke, Skor, Arket, Boots
Brand: Arket
Color: Black
Size: 40
2290 SEK
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The chunky yet lightweight rubber sole gives a modern expression and excellent traction to these boots made from metal-free tanned leather. Detailed with a lace-up front and mudguard around the upper for protection in wet weather. The leather used has undergone a metal-free tanning process, where a hide was converted to soft and supple leather using vegetable or synthetic extracts instead of metal saltsINSOLE LENGTHSize 40 = 263.3 mmSize 41 = 269.0 mmSize 42 = 275.6 mmSize 43 = 282.2 mmSize 44 = 289.0 mmSize 45 = 295.6 mm