Cotton Blend Jeggings - Green

Cotton Blend Jeggings - Green
Kategorier: Varumärke, Arket
Brand: Arket
Color: Green
Size: 92
203 SEK 290 SEK
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These super soft and stretchy jeggings are crafted from a blend of organic cotton, Tencel© lyocell and recycled polyester. The style features a visible zip at the side and a waistband with adjustable elastics on the inside. Organic cotton is cultivated and harvested from non-genetically modified plants, without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Lyocell is a biodegradable fibre produced with pulp from sustainably planted eucalyptus and other fast-growing types of wood. Fabrics made with pure lyocell fibres have a smooth, silky feel and a cotton-like appearance. Made from plastic waste, such as used PET bottles, recycled-polyester yarn helps reduce waste products and lessens the use of oil-based raw materials.