Denim Skirt - Blue

Denim Skirt - Blue
Kategorier: Varumärke, Arket
Brand: Arket
Color: Blue
Size: 34
413 SEK 590 SEK
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A mini denim skirt with a washed finish, with metal buttons at the front and belt loops at the waist. Features back pockets and traditional denim topstitching and wrap seams. Recycled cotton reuses available resources and requires considerably less water and energy than conventional cotton. REFIBRA is a in innovative circular technology that upcycles post-consumer cotton waste to produce lyocell. This biodegradable cellulose-based fibre is manufactured in a close-loop system, which reuses water and energy and does not release any harmful chemicals into nature. Organic cotton is cultivated and harvested from non-genetically modified plants, without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.